Wednesday PRESCHOOL-4TH Grade Studio Art

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Wednesday PRESCHOOL-4TH Grade Studio Art



Preschool-4nd Grade

Tuesday 5:00-6:00

In this class students will have full access to our art supplies as we create a space that encourages developing a creative and artistic voice.  We will provide guided demonstrations making use of a variety of materials, along with examining historical and contemporary artists, their practice and their work.  The focus of the class will be kid-directed--we will provide context, inspiration and help with materials while also allowing the child to explore and find their own art-making identity. We hope to create a space of mixed-ages, encouraging sharing of ideas and perspectives between children of different grades.  

Puppetry and Mask-Making+Studio Art Class Package

If your child is enrolled in the class immediately preceding this one, email us for a 14% discount code to attend.

*Service fee included in online price. To avoid the service fee you may pay with a check or cash: $640 for 16 Wednesdays. Email for more info and to reserve a spot. Must be paid in advance.

**Financial Aid: We want to make our classes available to whoever wants to attend, so if you need financial aid please reach out. We do what we can to make it possible for everyone to attend! If you can pay in full, we hope that you do, and if you can’t we will work with you.

***Class Size: We keep our class sizes small with a 1:5 teacher/student ratio. 

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