FULL DAY Monday, April 22nd

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tree flower painting.jpg
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FULL DAY Monday, April 22nd


Monday 4/22

Time: 9am-3pm

What: A day of art-making focused on FLOWERS!  We will paint, make and creative various flowers as we celebrate spring! We will also look at artists, both contemporary and historic, who use flowers in their work.  We will walk to the park and eat lunch there if the weather permits.  

Price: $175 cash or check. $180 online b/c service fee.

Lunch: Pack your own lunch. We provide snacks!

Extended Day Info--RSVP Required:
*On Monday April 22nd we will run an afternoon workshop from 3pm-5pm on bookmaking and storytelling.  We will look at different stories and analyze the storytelling process before we create our own fictions. We will run this workshop only if we get enough interest! Let us know if you are interested. Price is $50.

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