music. art. puppet. sound.

(after school fall 2019 workshops taught at Class Space @ the corner of Smith and Douglass)


MAPS KIDS works to provide children with an imaginative, art-making space, allowing kids to explore various media in the hopes of sparking deep curiosity about both ideas and process, building creative friendships, and having the freedom to play and invent.  MAPS KIDS offers a wide variety of arts based workshops for children ages preschool-4th grade. Our classes encompass songwriting, ukulele, visual arts, media studies, puppet making, experimental theater, book-making, movement and dance.  We keep our class sizes small with a 1:5 teacher/student ratio. 


MAPS ARTS is a 501(c)3 which works to bring experimental art, theater and music practices to underserved and marginalized populations.  We work with artists to provide the space and funds to create original works to be premiered in both traditional venues and non-traditional spaces.  We hope to encourage friendships, connections and collaborative art-making between artists and various individuals both within the microcosm of the art-world and out in spaces where experimental art, theater and music is not normally experienced.